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Are you a teacher? 

Are you looking for a platform to grow your educational business? Dreaming of a complete set of learning tools in one place?  Join us and find all your online learning tools in one place. Completely free with no hidden fees. 

Are you spending money on advertising to promote your services? Join us and we will do it for you - All you need to do is register, create a presentation, add a video about yourself and students from different parts of the world will find you themselves.


You are a student? 

Are you looking for an affordable tutor in your native language? Do you want to learn a foreign language with native speakers?  Do you work a lot and need  an individual schedule? Do you need courses that are not available where you live?  Join us and all issues will be resolved.

Are you looking for a school to study online? Join us and find a school for yourself or get an education at our school Intellect School Online - you can even choose the teachers yourself!

Boarding School or Language School?

Are you looking for a platform to teach your students online?  Are you spending money on advertising to attract new students? Join us! Submit information about your school and services on our platform - and educate students from around the world without the cost of advertising and the stress of finding platforms for online learning.

Personal Library

A personal library for teachers and students, with convenient management functions and storage structure for teaching materials. Electronic textbooks in any format, graphic files and video tutorials - you can add all of these to your library on the platform access them at any time. You don't need cloud storage anymore.

Personal Office

A personal  teacher's and a student's office, which will contain everything that is necessary for learning: a virtual classroom for lessons, a student and teacher library in which you can easily exchange teaching materials, a board with a class schedule, an electronic journal for grades, and much more.

Free Promotional Tools

Create a presentation about your services and courses, upload certificates of your professional status, describe your work experience and upload a video about yourself. Students from all over the world will view information about your services.

Validated Certificate

Certificates of education: vocational training, elective subjects, educational levels. After completing your studies, you will get a certificate in the subject or course that you have completed and the level of education you received using our platform. 


Make your courses more popular

At your request, we can place information about the courses on the home page and draw more attention to your educational services. To post courses on the main page, you must make a request to the address: 

What Are The Students Saying?

What Do Students Get? 

 Get a wide selection of courses and teachers at an affordable price. Choose teachers from different parts of the world with a variety of native languages and qualifications - from a school teacher to a Ph.D. Get a free trial lesson and book lessons at a convenient time - the tutor's schedule will automatically adjust to your time zone. You will also get a personal account with a library of resources, a customised class schedule, a certificate of course completion, all learning tools on one platform, unlimited learning time in a virtual classroom and access to learning resources. If you are a home-schooler, then training on the platform provides you with the unique opportunities to choose your own teachers and obtain a quality basic or secondary education. If you are an adult and are looking for courses to improve your professional skills, you do not need to travel anywhere for professional training - you can get all this on our platform.

What Do Tutors and Schools Get? 

 Create a presentation about yourself and the training courses and place them in the Courses section - hundreds of students will see information about you - it's completely free. Add the teaching times that are convenient to you for you to the presentation using the schedule tool and specify the time zone in which you are. Your students will see the schedule with automatic correction for their time zone. You will also get a personal account, a library of educational resources with a convenient structure and access control for students, management of the schedule of access to the virtual classroom for students, lesson duration without time limit. You can also add unlimited training courses, lessons, topics, tests, quizzes and e-textbooks - all available absolutely free - and enjoy your virtual work office.

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