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   Time does not stand still, and online learning is becoming increasingly popular. Online learning has a number of significant advantages over full-time study at a school, college or university. It allows a freer class schedule, and a more flexible and time saving learning experienceas you do not need to travel to the educational establishment. You also have the chance to choose from a wider range of educational institutions and teachers, including those that are far from your place of residence. Searching for the best online learning platform for you can be confusing. You have to choose a school and tutor, order a trial lesson and download several applications, such as Skype or Zoom for video conferencing and cloud storage for storing educational materials. This can create multiple difficulties for both students and teachers.

   When we created this platform Intellect School Online, our main aim was to create a virtual school that has everything you need: a classroom for classes, a library, a teacher's schedule, a student's diary. We pursued a specific goal - to create an exceptional platform for distance learning for home schoolers and we succeeded in this task. After our initial success, we decided to make this project global - to offer our platform to tutors, schools and students, with the opportunity to have all the services in one place. At the same time, each of the participants in the educational process can use all the training tools for free. Everything you need for distance learning can be found here! 

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Our Stories

 Home-schooling is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Home-schooling is an extremely effective way to get a personalised education that takes into account the individual characteristics of the child's development and the educational goals. It was for home-schooling that our educational platform was originally conceived. However, we have since expanded the platform to include training in other areas. Our platform is not only an opportunity to get an education online but also to work on our site as a teacher -  perhaps this will even become your main income. Work and earn money with us!

Our Mission

  We have developed a universal educational platform where students can find teachers in any of the subjects or courses. Students can create a convenient and flexible class schedule, have access to their own library with E-books, video lessons, tests and other useful materials for learning and after graduation, receive a certificate of education. For example, you can learn English with a teacher from the UK, and Java courses with teachers from Israel. Join us and you will be delighted with the training on our educational web platform.

Our Vision

    We created this platform in order to provide the teacher and student with everything necessary for the organisation and success of the lesson - a flexible scheduling system for the teacher and an electronic journal for the student, a virtual classroom and a personal library. We know what the teacher needs because we are the teachers ourselves, we know what the student needs because we have great personal experience working with students. We hope that you will find time to register on our web platform and understand its value for you and your students.

Why Choose Us

Convenient and fast registration on the platform, Teacher presentation card, Personal account with a wide range of services, Convenient service for scheduling classes and the student’s electronic journal, Personal Library of electronic educational resources and a virtual classroom for classes. 

And One More Reason to Join Us

"We are proud to have many experienced teachers from all over the world, offering a variety of course options."
                                                                                                                                Galina Veipan, CEO

Education on our platform is a unique chance for a student to get an education with international status in almost any field and find a prestigious job anywhere in the world.