Homeschooling is becoming increasingly popular in many countries around the world. This is due to a number of reasons, among which we will name only a few of the significant ones: negative socialisation  in the school (unless, of course, this is an elite school in which children are carefully selected), the individual characteristics of the child's development, which may cause difficulties in learning in a typical classroom environment - such children require an individual approach , and in some cases - an individual training program. Another common problem is that parents are not satisfied with the professional status of teachers and the quality of education in schools, and they are unable to choose a teacher for a particular subject, well. Additionally, a typical class schedule does not allow for additional education outside the school.

One of the main reasons for the transition to the use of online technologies in education in 2020 was the coronavirus pandemic - the risk of getting sick in the school environment is currently very high, and if a child has chronic diseases, this can lead to serious consequences.

Another frequent reasons why many children have transitioned to online learning is the mobility of modern parents - that is, the need to often change their place of residence. This results in frequently changing schools and increased stress for the child.

You can continue to list the reasons why parents are increasingly switching to home schooling - but the main problem is that there is a desire and an opportunity to do this. However, parents often lack the knowledge and understanding of how to organise the change to home schooling correctly. Our company Intellect Education Solutions Limited has accumulated extensive experience in organising family education and the result is the Intellect School Online platform, which we bring to your attention in 2021.

The Intellect School Online educational platform is located at:  and you can comfortably work with the platform both from a computer and a smartphone, and, in principle, from any device that has, an Internet and a browser.

The main advantage (and there are many of them) is that with the help of our educational platform, you can effortlessly (we will help) create an individualized educational school for your child, taking into account their educational needs and abilities. It can also be a group of children of the same age who need a specialized school. We can say with confidence that in our school, unlike a traditional school, you can:

Choose teachers for the subjects based on the criteria  you are looking for : teaching experience, the language in which the teacher teaches, a convenient class schedule, the cost of educational services, and so on.If you don’t like the lesson, you can cancel classes and choose another teacher - this cannot be done in an ordinary traditional school.

Choose the number of study hours in the subjects that interest you the most, for example, for advanced study.

Study according to an individual schedule at a convenient time for the student - this way you can free up a lot of time for the development of his abilities in study-curicullar activities. 

Take intermediate studies in different subjects and move from class to class without going to school - all this can be done online without going to school and hassle with the school administration.

If you cannot find teachers in the subjects you are interested in, on our platform, then in the student's personal profile you can select  "Home schooling" in the field "Learning task" and a tariff plan from the list. This will enable you to save on your budget and we will select teachers for your child based on the tariff plan that you have chosen.

If your child already has teachers (tutors) in subjects, but you do not have a school where your child can be assigned for midterm and final certification, then we can offer two options: in the first case, we provide your teachers with the Intellect School Online platform to conduct classes with your child and carry out intermediate certification. This option is specifically recommended if you often change your place of residence, as it means will not need to change teachers - they will always be available for lessons - wherever you are. In the second case - if you prefer not to have online lessons, we can offer you to take the intermediate certification with us, and the format of lessons with tutors for your child will remain unchanged.

It should be noted that teachers on our platform fall into two main categories.

 The first category includes teachers who independently offer their educational services on our platform - they use our services to organize lessons in a subject and enjoy all the advantages of the platform, which are unique in some cases. If you have chosen such a teacher, then you should, first of all, pay attention to the cost of their services, which you will see on their presentation card. If the cost of the service suits you, you can book one trial lesson or a whole course.

Presentation card of a teacher who is not  a member of the Intellect School Team online school.
Presentation card of a teacher who is not a member of the Intellect School Team online school.

The second category of teachers is those who have joined our Intellect School Team - it is very easy to find teachers of this category in the list - instead of the cost of an hour per lesson, the presentation card will contain the inscription "Intellect School Team".

Presentation card of a teacher who is a member of the Intellect School Team online school.
Presentation card of a teacher who is a member of the Intellect School Team online school.

Thus, using the resources of our platform you have the opportunity to create your own family educational school for your children, and we will be happy to help you achieve all the educational goals and objectives that you set for yourself.

The Intellect School online platform will help you create a student's personal library in which all the materials necessary for learning will be stored:  tests, textbooks and homework on subjects. Teachers who teach your child will be able to check homework, test results and tests and put grades in the electronic journal - all without leaving the platform,  All educational services are located on the platform. You can also set the date and time of lessons - while you and your child will receive a reminder by e-mail about the lesson, or you yourself can look at the calendar of classes, which is located in the student's educational profile. Online lessons are also delivered on the platform in a virtual classroom with a full set of teaching tools.

      It should also be noted that the platform supports different languages ​​- you can switch to display the content of the site in your native language, but it should be noted that registration and filling out the initial information about yourself must be done using English. 

      We hope this article was helpful to you. For all your questions, write to us by mail:, we will be happy to answer you.

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