Web — platform  Intellect School online was developed by Intellect Education Solutions, Inc with the goal of creating an educational platform accessible for teachers and students around the world. The idea of creating such an educational platform did not come about by chance - a group of teachers with extensive experience in teaching developed an online school structure that would best meet the needs of both teachers and students. Therefore, the Intellect School Online educational platform contains a set of convenient services for organizing the workplace of both the teacher and the student. The web platform automatically loads in English, but you can select the language in the upper right part of the main page.

To begin with, registering and posting information about yourself is a fairly simple procedure that will take you less than a minute. You need to select the registration category "Student's Registration" , enter the first and last name, email address and password. By the way, the platform is multilingual, so just choose the language that you prefer to work with.

Next, you will receive a message in the mail about the need to confirm the registration, this is the end of the registration process and you can use all the services and capabilities of the Intellect School online web platform. You should fill out personal information about yourself - if you are 18 + and about your parent's if you are less then 18 years old, add your photo and tuition objectives, tariff plan and language. After these simple steps, the student’s presentation card will be formed exactly in the form in which your potential teacher's will see it. You can create a student's profile and post information about yourself and your educational objectives on the web platform absolutely free. It helps teacher's to find you on the web platform and offer courses in the according with your objectives. 

A convenient search system allows you to select teachers from the list by the name of the course or subject, for example, only teachers of mathematics or biology, you can find out about the teacher more by clicking on the link with the name of the teacher on the presentation card. In the right top corner of the presentation you can see the fee for one hour tuition and the the total course hours, but if the same place is marked "Intellect School Team" - it means that this teacher available for the homeschooler without payment step. In this case you will skip the payment and move directly to the scheduling.  



Teacher's presentation card.

Teacher's presentation card.

In this section you can see the teacher’s video presentation, get acquainted with his certificates, courses, target audience and requirements for the level of language proficiency in which the teacher teaches. Also here you can find reviews of other students who have already passed or are undergoing training.

Student's testimonials.

Student's testimonials.

Scheduling service. There are two buttons on the teacher’s presentation card: Book a Course and Send a Message. If the student has questions to the teacher, he can ask them using the message sending function, if not, then you can immediately book a course by clicking on the button with the same name. We would like to put your attention to the scheduling service. This service is a convenient tool for the teachers and students. You can mark on the calendar the days and times that are convenient for  the classes in the student’s time zone, for example, the teacher location in GMT zone +2 hours  and  the student's time zone GMT minus  5 hours time zone  will see the class schedule taking into account student's time zone location -the schedule adjustment system will do this automatically for the student. It is important to note that the student will see the class schedule only after the registration on the Intellect School Online platform was done.

Teacher's schedule.

Teacher's schedule.

The student has a choice - to pay and book one lesson, which is called "for testing", and maybe the entire course at once. As soon as the reservation is completed - the teacher in the "My Calendar" section will have all the necessary information about the students, days and times of classes and the name of the course. It looks like this:

Timetable of classes.

Timetable of classes.

Each course in the calendar is marked with its own color, convenient search system allows you to select teachers from the list by the name of the course or subject, for example, only teachers of mathematics or biology, you can find out about the teacher more by clicking on the link with the name of the teacher on the presentation card. Lessons are marked by different colors and looks like a round marker. If you click on the marker you will get the the Course and the teacher’s details. 

Where I can get my Course List? 

You can get you Course list in the section "My Courses". In this section you can see the teacher's name, course name, links to the course topics and three options for choosing: Active, Cancelled and Done.

Active - this option actual until you choose Cancelled or Done. 

Cancelled - you can choose this option if you want to cancel the course and get your money back. After this option will be chosen, you will get the request about the reason of cancellation and amount of lessons was done.  

Done - you should switch to this option in case when the course was done. After this option was chosen - website admin will get confirmation to pass the payment to the teacher. 

Where I can get access to the class Schedule, Home tasks, tests, Topics and Marks? 

In the section "My Journal" you can get access to the Teacher's list with course names, class schedule, home tasks, topics and marks.

Sections "My Library" and "Resource Library" - what is a difference? 

In the section "My Library"  student can collect all materials for the tuition: E-books, video lessons, home tasks, tests and so on. In the section "Resource Library" student getting access to the shared teacher's tuition materials. 

Section "My Requests", how to send message to the teacher?

If you would like to find out more about course details or about teacher, you can send message to teacher and clarify important points for you. 

We will be glad if this article was useful to you. For more information write to us by mail: support@intel-school.com 

When developing the Intellect School Online educational platform, we set ourselves the goal of creating a comfortable workspace for both the teacher and the student, which has everything you need both for planning and conducting lessons, and for storing information about courses, programs, homework, tests , student and teacher lists, teaching resources, tuition fees, and so on. Working with your teacher or student profile, you will always know when you have the next lesson, at which course and at what time - you will receive a reminder and a link to the lesson by mail in a timely manner, and in the electronic timetable you will see which of the students should be at you in class. In fact, you get the same opportunities for conducting lessons, seminars as in Zoom, but at the same time you will additionally have a large number of additional working tools at hand and you get an unlimited amount of time to conduct classes for free, while using Zoom for free limited to 40 minutes. So let's take a closer look at how to schedule an online lesson. If you have already registered on our educational site and created a teacher presentation, training course and class schedule and if you have students, then you need to follow a few simple steps to plan and conduct a lesson:

1) Go to the "My meetings" menu section

Section for planning lessons with students.

2) Click on the "Add meeting" button

Add lesson to the list of planned lessons.

3) Fill in the required fields:

3) Fill in the required fields.


 If you did not get a letter by e-mail when registering on the site, then with a high degree of probability the letter to confirm registration is in the "Spam" folder. Check the contents of the Spam folder. If you have not found a registration confirmation email in your spam folder, please contact our support service: support@intel-school.com

    The class schedule is formed by the teacher or school. If you have not found the course hours in the schedule, we recommend that you select the course you want to enroll in in the "Courses" section, click on the "Send a message" button and write to the teacher or school that you want to take the course, but there are no hours available in the schedule.

Placing your educational services on our website is free. We help you promote your business - we pay for the promotion of the site and your services and receive a commission from the courses that you have already taken and received payment from the students.

Yes, of course, you can book a trial lesson with a listed teacher or school. To do this, on the teacher's presentation card in the courses section, follow the link with the teacher's name or the name of the school to the main page with the description of the course and the schedule of classes and click on the "Book a lesson" button.

Yes, of course, it is possible. In this case, you need to select the training course you want to cancel in the "My Courses" section and select "Canceled" in the "Status" section. Next, you indicate the reason for the course cancellations and the actual number of teaching hours per course. The rest of the amount transferred for the course will be returned to you.

If the training course is fully completed, you need to go to the "My Courses" section, select a course from the list, then select "Done" in the "Status" field. After completing these steps, the teacher will receive a notification in the mail that the course has been completed and the teacher will receive payment for the course.

The class schedule can be found in the "My Calendar" section. If you have several training courses at the same time, then you will see the schedule for all courses in the calendar - they are indicated in different colors, as shown in the figure below. If you hover over a graphic in the calendar, you will see the instructor's name and the course title.

You can change the class schedule only upon request to the teacher or to the school. To change the schedule, go to the "My Requests" section, select the teacher you are studying with and make a request to change the class schedule. If you did not succeed for any reason, then write to our support service and we will contact the teacher or the school where you are studying. The request must include the name of the course, the first and last name of the teacher, and the nature of the request. This can be done in the "Contacts" section. We will try to solve this problem promptly.

Before the lesson you will get an invitation - an e-mail link to go to the lesson. The link will contain full information about the date and time of the lesson, as well as the name of the training course, the topic of the lesson, and the name of the teacher who provides the lesson. To start the tutorial, just follow the link. If you did not find the letter in your Inbox, then check your Spam folder. In some cases, it depends on the server on which your mailbox is located. Mail is directed to this folder. If you have not found a letter of invitation to the lesson, then send a request to the teacher from the section "My requests".

In the timetable of a teacher or school, you see the time of classes in your time zone, which you specified when registering on the site. Pay attention to the field in which your time zone is indicated during registration. If for some reason you are actually in a different time zone, then this is easy to fix. in the field for selecting the time zone, set the correct time zone in which you are located and the teacher's class schedule will automatically adjust to your time.

Payment for the course is made upon registration for the course. To enroll in the course, you need to take a few simple steps: 

1) register on our educational platform

2) go to your student profile

3) select the course you need in the "Courses" section

4) click on the button "Book a course"

5) choose the date and time of the start of classes

6) pay for the course

You can also pay for only one trial lesson. To do this, you need to select the teacher's name or the name of the school in the presentation card of the teacher or school and follow the link to the course description and class schedule. Then select the "Book a lesson" button. In this case, you only pay for one trial lesson.

If you have found a training course that suits you the most, but instead of the cost of one hour of the course, "Intellect School Team" is indicated, then this means that the teacher is a member of the team of teachers of the Intellect School, and this, in turn, is a guarantee of the quality of the courses that this teacher or school. You can book a course without paying from the website - upon booking, you will be invoiced for payment and sent to your email. If you are interested in the cost of the course, then in the teacher's presentation card go to the upper link with the teacher's name in the section of the course description and class schedule and you will see the cost of the course. You can book a trial lesson there, but in this case you will need to pay for a trial lesson.

The student can provide feedback for each teacher's lesson. In order for the student to be able to grade and write a review about the lesson, the lesson must be completed by the teacher. To review a lesson, a student must go to the "My Courses" section, select a teacher or a course from the list, then select the "Topics" section and click on the "Topics" link.

A list of lesson topics appears and a Ratings & Reviews link appears next to the last completed lesson. Click on this link, write a review and post a score on a 5-point scale.

 When registering and filling out your profile on the site, the information in the address section can be limited to the name of the settlement in which you live, for example, indicate New York, USA. However, if it is necessary to issue and send a certificate of education by mail, this will not be possible. Therefore, we recommend that you provide your full postal address.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you post your photo in order not to mislead site users. When posting a photo, please note that the size of a photo should not exceed 800x600 pixels.

Each user of the resources of our educational platform has his own personal library, which is structured by sections: electronic textbooks, tests, homework, video tutorials, and so on. In each of the sections, you can download teaching materials in two ways: from the teacher's personal library, or from any other sources available for download on the Internet. It should be noted that both the teacher's library and the student's library are divided into two categories: a public library and a closed library. The student can access any of the teacher's electronic learning resources that are in the open part of the library, just as the teacher can access the student's open library. Any category of site users can move learning resources from open access to closed access and vice versa.

When registering on the website of minors, you must fill in additional fields with personal data of parents or legal representatives of the student. This condition is required. In case of violation of the conditions for registering a minor on the site, the profile will be blocked.

When filling out a teacher or student profile, special attention should be paid to the correct choice of the time zone in which you are located, since the platform automatically analyzes the time zones of both the teacher and the student and automatically adjusts the class schedule taking into account the time zone of each student, no matter how many. ... That is, the students of the virtual class can be in completely different parts of the world - but each of them will see their own class schedule adjusted for their time zone. Now imagine that you have incorrectly entered the time zone in your profile - in this case, you will not be taken to the lesson. If you do not specify a time zone in your profile at all, the class schedule will be empty. The same goes for the teacher's profile - the time zone selection field is one of the most important.

To remove a profile from the site, you must send a request to remove the profile to the platform administrator. After checking the financial obligations to the platform users - the absence of payment arrears for the courses, the absence of unfinished courses, the administrator will delete the profile from the site. Deleting a teacher profile is only possible if all obligations to students are met. Deleting a student profile is also possible if there is no obligation to teachers or the school. To delete a student or teacher profile, select the "Request for the account delete" button. The period for deleting a profile is 1-2 business days after receiving a request for deletion.