Primary School Online

Oxford Online School offers a complete curriculum for our junior students. Our primary school environments are led by thoroughly qualified teachers who are adept at presenting lively online lessons. With a cap of 8 students in our iPrimary classrooms, we ensure that children remain involved and cultivate a passion for education. Anticipate quizzes, games, and dynamic e-learning experiences. The adaptability of studying with Oxford Online School equips young students with a robust groundwork for their upcoming academic pursuits.

About Training Centre

We are an innovative, fully online school, aiming to reach out to students from all over the world through the use of our expertly designed teaching and learning platforms.

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Preferred student age

  • -Primary school (6-12)
  • -Secondary school (12-17)
  • -Undergraduates (17-22)
  • -Adults (23-40)

Preferred level of students

  • -Pre Intermediate
  • -Intermediate
  • -Upper Intermediate
  • -Advanced
  • -Proficiency


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