Web — platform Intellect School online was developed by Intellect Education Solutions, Inc with the goal of creating an educational platform accessible for teachers and students around the world. The idea of creating such an educational platform did not come about by chance - a group of teachers with extensive experience in teaching developed an online school structure that would best meet the needs of both teachers and students. Therefore, the Intellect School Online educational platform contains a set of convenient services for organising the workplace of both the teacher and the student. The web platform automatically loads in English, but you can select the language of your choice in the upper right part of the main page.

To begin with, registering and posting information about yourself is a fairly simple procedure that will take you less than a minute. You need to select the registration category “Teacher's Registration”, enter your first and last name, email address and password. As the platform is multilingual, you simply need to choose the language that you prefer to work with.

Next, you will receive a message via email asking you to confirm your registration, this is the end of the registration process, and you can now use all the services and capabilities of the Intellect School online educational site. All data about yourself and your professional skills, taught subjects, Certificates and diplomas of education can be uploaded at any convenient time in the "My Profile" section. You can also add your photo there and if you wish, a video - a presentation about yourself and your course. After these simple steps, the teacher’s presentation card will be formed exactly in the form in which your potential students will see it. You can create a teacher profile and post information about yourself and your educational services on the platform absolutely free.

 It is very important that the teacher decides how much it will cost for one hour of classes in the subject or course, creates a description of the course, the number of training hours per course, calendar-thematic planning and then adds all of this information to their account. All information about the courses is automatically posted in the "Courses" section.

A convenient search system allows you to select teachers from the list by the name of the course or subject, for example, you can search for only teachers of mathematics or biology. You can find out more about the teacher by clicking on the link with the name of the teacher on the presentation card.

In this section you can see the teacher’s video presentation, view their certificates, courses, target audience and requirements for the level of language proficiency in which the teacher teaches. Also, here you can find reviews from other students who have already passed or are undergoing training with the teacher. 

There are two buttons on the teacher’s presentation card: Book a Course and Send a Message. If the student has questions for the teacher, they can ask them using the message sending function, if not, then you can immediately book a course by clicking on the button with the same name.

Separately, I would also like to draw your attention to the scheduling service. This service is a convenient tool for the teacher. You can mark on the calendar the days and times that are convenient for conducting classes in the teacher’s time zone, for example, if you live in Moscow - this is +2 GMT, - the student will see the class schedule taking into account the time zone in which he lives, for example, in London 0 GMT - The schedule adjustment system will do this automatically for the student. It is important to note that the student will see the class schedule only after the registration on the Intellect School Online platform is completed.

To create a schedule, the teacher needs to go to the "Available time" section in the menu and mark the dates and available times in the calendar.

The class schedule can be changed at any time, just go to the "Available time" section and make changes, including taking into account the wishes of the student. After the calendar is completed, it becomes available on the website for booking. The student chooses the course, the start time of the course, the number of lessons per week and the duration of the lesson per day. If the student has questions, he can send them to the teacher via the messaging function. It is important to note that booking a course becomes possible only after paying for tuition. The student has a choice - he can pay and book one lesson, which is called "for testing", ", or to book the entire course at once. As soon as the reservation is completed - the teacher in the "My Calendar" section will have all the necessary information about the students, days and times of classes and the name of the course. It looks like this:

Each course in the calendar is marked with its own colour and looks like a round marker. If you click on the marker, then the student’s first and last name, course name and lesson start time will appear in a pop-up window.

To add a training course, use the My Courses menu section. First, you need to click the button "Add Course", select a category of the course, for example, "Information Technology", then enter its name, the language in which the classes will be held, the cost of one hour of the course, the total cost of the course, a description of the course, the number of hours per week and the duration of one lesson. It is advisable to add an image to the course so that it looks more noticeable and attractive on the site. 

After all the fields are filled in, click on the “Submit” button and your course will fall into the “Courses” section and become available to users. The number of training courses hosted by one teacher is not regulated. In order for your potential students to see your Certificates of Education, their images can be downloaded in the "My Certificates" section:

The list of your students and their presentation cards can be found in the "Student List" menu section, here you can also allow access to your library or access the student's library.

A very important section of the menu is the section “Payment Details” - in this section, the teacher can see the entire history of payments received from students, for the entire period of study.

Particular attention should be paid to the teacher's library. To enter the library, use the "My Library" section. The library structure has been created in such a way to make it easier for the teacher to find the material needed for work. The teacher’s library is formed by downloading materials in the form of files and sorting them as follows: you have a course in which there are 5 lessons on various topics with video materials, homework, tests and a textbook. So - the library allows each lesson to sort through all the necessary files so that it can be easier to find them:

Lesson 1: tutorial section homework video tutorial test

Lesson 2: tutorial section homework test video tutorial

Library resources can be made private or open to students - to whom the teacher decides to provide access to materials.

We understand how important the structure of the library is, as we developed an educational platform for ourselves – we have tried to make the educational environment as comfortable as possible for working with students.

The “My Meetings” menu section is intended for conducting online lessons - in this section, you fully control the settings for the lessons of your course: set the start time of the lesson, add students to the lesson or delete them, close the topic after the lesson, and so on.

The rating assessment of the teacher’s work is very important for each of us - because when searching and choosing a course, a potential student, first of all, pays attention to the reviews. We developed the platform in such a way that each student could write a review not only about the whole training course but also about each topic within the framework of one training course. In the menu item “Ratings / Reviews”, the teacher can manage student reviews, that is, allow or forbid them to be published on the site.

 The “My requests” section is intended for exchanging messages between the teacher and students outside the classroom. For example, if someone found your course but has a number of questions they need answering to help them make a decision, they can contact the teacher here. In this case, the teacher can answer the questions and finally convince the student that it is necessary to learn from him.

The sections of the menu “Homework” and “Tests” are intended for the automatic placement of the completed test and homework on the topics of the course. The teacher at his convenience can check the work and put grades that will be redirected to the student’s electronic journal. Thus, the educational platform allows you to study in the format of home - family education and move from class to class based on the grades received.

We really hope that this short review of the main services of the platform will be useful to you when using it. We welcome feedback and recommendations on improving our services. Send any questions, requests and recommendations to us by email: support@intel-school.com